96kHz/24-bit FLAC, Pirouet Records, PIT3082 (supplied by www.highresaudio.com)

Calling your début duo album Juvenile might seem like asking for critical trouble, but in the case of this lovely inventive set by pianist Böhm and guitarist Scholly it seems more self-deprecating, such maturity do both performers display. With instruments stripped down and exposed, and no rhythm section for support, they nevertheless weave intriguing sonic pictures. Not only does this set offer demonstration-quality sound throughout, it also captivates with the endlessly inventive handling of the eight original tracks and one cover – a beautifullyre-sketched ‘Georgia On My Mind’ – and the way the two seamlessly swap the roles of soloist and accompanist within tracks, showing masterful interplay and understanding. On the surface it may seem like ‘audiophile jazz’, but give it the attention it deserves and this unusual album is likely to become a firm favourite. AE

Sound Quality: 90%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

With recording and mastering all in the digital domain, the background noise [sl. higher on the right channel – green] stems from the analogue mics, preamps etc. Bandwidth of piano and acoustic guitar is ~20kHz, as expected. PM