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Hi-Fi News & Record Review

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The latest issue: July 2016

Welcome to the 140-page July issue of Hi-Fi News & Record Review – the heartiest read in hi-fi by far – on sale 3rd June. Our uniquely in-depth reviews kick-off with a world exclusive lab test and listen to MartinLogan's massive Neolith floorstanders – a potent mix of electrostatic mid/treble with moving-coil bass and subwoofer. To drive these statement speakers, lucky owners might care to audition the mighty BHK Signature 300 monoblock amps from PS Audio – not before reading our comprehensive review, of course! Meanwhile headphone aficionados should turn directly to our technical reports of Ayre's Codex DAC/headphone amp and Pioneer's flagship SE-Master1 open-backed cans and discover the stories behind these much-anticipated products.
Hi-Fi News – the oldest hi-fi magazine in the world is still delivering the best mix of international show reports, in-depth investigative features, world-class reviews, vintage celebrations and surely the most comprehensive range of music features available anywhere. And we're still the only magazine that tests high resolution music downloads




Classical Companion For this month's guide to classical music Christopher Breunig brings you his pick of the recordings by Italian conductor Claudio Abbado
Vinyl Release Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere was Neil Young's first LP with the band Crazy Horse. Steve Sutherland hears the 180g vinyl Rhino reissue
Vinyl Icon Prince blazed a trail across stage and screen in the 1980s. We pay tribute to the sadly departed star with the story of Purple Rain
Meet The Producers Steve Sutherland continues his series on the kings of the console with US producer Rick Rubin
Music Reviews Our selection of audiophile LP and hi-res downloads reviewed by our specialists alongside the latest rock, jazz and classical albums


MartinLogan Neolith Why this flagship electrostatic with built-in bass drivers is the perfect example of a hybrid that works
Leema Acoustics Elements
Compact and priced to appeal – a fine philosophy but can these amps stand out in a tough market sector?
Ayre Codex Headphone amp, standalone DAC, digital preamp... all-in-one add on from the makers of the PonoPlayer
T+A G 2000 R Turntable package offers a choice of arms and cartridges plus the option of a built-in phono stage to boot
Denon DCD-2500NE 'Analogue mode', DSD-capable DAC, AL32 processing... follow-up SACD player to 2010's DCD-1510AE is a hit
Rogue Audio Sphinx v2 US company uses tube and Class D tech to create an integrated amp promising the best of both worlds
PS Audio BHK Signature 300 Yes, it'll blow the doors off, but this hefty flagship hybrid power amp can sound deft and delicious too...
Unison Research SH Italian company's first dedicated headphone amp uses single-ended triodes and packs a DAC. We listen
Pioneer SE-Master1 Can these big-ticket headphones with Hi-Res Audio credentials please rock fans and classical buffs alike?
Pro-Ject DAC Box DS2 ultra USB DAC handles DSD256 and offers user-selectable digital filtering. One for the shopping list at £499?


Vintage Review How does the classic kit of yesteryear measure up today? We test the Sony D-88 portable from 1988, which is still the smallest CD player ever made
From The Vault This month finds us deep in HFN's vast archives as we return to April 1957 to bring you a contemporary account of the making of an audio valve


Welcome A message from the editor
News Magico unveils floorstander with M-Project DNA, sub-£1k anniversary Pro-Ject turntable, Essence MC from Clearaudio, rebirth of the Cyrus 1
Hi-Fi Show Live 2016 Early preview of our October show
Show Blog IMF, Hafler, Dynaco... Ken Kessler reports from Munich High End 2016 where revived marques shared space with prototypes of tomorrow
Investigation Keith Howard digs deeper into the subject of headphone headband resonance with a look at electrical crosstalk in unbalanced designs
Opinion Insider comment on the audio topics of the day from Paul Miller, Keith Howard, Barry Fox, Jim Lesurf, Steve Harris and Barry Willis
Sound Off A reader's update on BBC streaming, vintage amp values, reviewing balanced versus unbalanced headphones, plus speaker distortion
Off The Leash This month Ken Kessler ponders the appeal of obsolete hi-fi, prompted by the appearance of a new sub for a long out-of-production speaker
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