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Hi-Fi News & Record Review

The latest issue: Yearbook 2015

Welcome to the bumper 172-page Yearbook issue of Hi-Fi News & Record Review – the heartiest read in hi-fi by far – on sale 16th October. Our special cover features a close-up of Naim Audio's spectacular Statement NAC S1/NAP S1 – quite the costliest amplifier we've reviewed to date but illustrative of this celebration of hardware that turned our heads and music that stirred our souls throughout 2015. Hungry for the best that hi-fi has to offer? Well, prepare to be sated because this special issue is a feast of audio dreams, a menu of the most delectable source components, amplifiers and loudspeakers from across the globe. We’ve more than a few vintage audio heroes on show to remind us of hi-fi’s deep roots together with selections from our Budget Esoterica series, proving there’s some very affordable hardware ready and eager to tempt our musical tastebuds.


Our pick of the audiophile LPs and hi-res downloads, rock, jazz and classical albums of the year
EAT C-Sharp/C-Note A more affordable EAT turntable
Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon Fuss-free intro to vinyl replay
Rega RP10/RB2000/Apheta Flagship deck with new MC option
SME Model 15 Sublime full suspension deck
TechDAS Air Force Two Baby brother to the formidable One
Thales TTT-Compact Battery power and Swiss precision
VPI Prime/JMW 10 3D US deck with 3D printed tonearm
DS Audio DS-W1 Radical approach to pick-up design
Ortofon Quintet Blue Moving-coil at a modest price
Parasound Halo JC3+ Freshly evolved phono stage
Astell&Kern AK500N Network player with unique styling
Ayre QB-9 DSD DSD-capable USB converter
Cambridge Audio Azur 851N Flagship network audio player
Melco N1A Entry-level network audio library
Metronome Technologie C8+ USB DAC and headphone preamp
Naim NAC-N 272 Its first network player for DSD files
T+A PDP 3000 HV HV Series adds DAC/SACD player
AudioQuest JitterBug Plug-in computer audio enhancer

Quad Artera Play/Stereo New range, new modern styling
D'Agostino Momentum Integrated Stunning separates derivative
Krell Vanguard Flexible 200W integrated
Mark Levinson No585 Long awaited high-end integrated
SPEC RSA-717EX Cutting-edge Class D amplifier
Benchmark AHB2 Ultra-compact power amp debut
KR Audio Kronzilla DX Monoblock with titanic dual-triodes
Ming-Da Dynasty
Cantabile-Grande MC998-A
Chinese behemoth using rare triode
Audio Research GSPre/GS150 Delving deep into the world of sound
Constellation Audio Inspiration 1.0
Music of the gods via California
GamuT D3i/M250i Minimalist looks but a thrilling ride
NAD Masters M12/M22 Modular pre and slimline power amp
Naim Statement NAC/NAP S1 Salisbury's ultimate amp pairing
Primare PRE32/A34.2 Feature-rich pre/power combination
Rotel RC-1590/RB-1590 Affordable high-end challenger
Auralic Taurus MkII Neve-inspired Class A headphone amp
Oppo HA-2 Stylish pocket-sized budget amplifier
Quad PA-One Funky valve-powered headphone amp
Simaudio Moon Neo 430HA 'World's best 'phones amp.' Really?

AKG K812 'Sound sealed' and high on comfort
Audeze EL-8 Sharp styling for open-back 'phones
AudioQuest NightHawk The company's innovative debut
Furutech ADL H128 Triangular capsules offering 'oomph'
Oppo PM-3 Affordable closed-back planar cans

B&W CM6 S2 Standmount with top tweeter pod
Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo Curvy monitor on tall chromed stand
Dynaudio Evidence Platinum New drivers for this 2m-tall speaker
Focal Sopra No2 Striking design looms over the listener
KEF Blade Two Rescaled Blade in sculptural casework
Opera Audio Callas II Italy's homage to the opera diva
Sonus faber Lilium Luxury finish options include gold-leaf
TAD CE1 Ultimate space-saving standmount?
Triangle Signature Alpha New meets old in French design
Wharfedale Diamond 230 Budget addition to a historic range
Wilson Audio Sabrina Its best-ever value speaker: sublime

Atlas Asimi Ultra Luxurious silver interconnect has style
Audience Au24 SE Sleek speaker cable sounds smooth

Technics SL-150 The mid-'70s 'go to' turntable
B&O Beogram CD50 Aiwa-based Beosystem CD player
Meridian MLP Preamplifier in modular form
Cambridge Audio P50 Advanced technology integrated
Hitachi HMA-6500 Compact MOSFET power amplifier
Acoustic Research AR-7 King of mid-'70s compact speakers

Welcome Message from the editor
Best In Show 2015 Our pick of events across the globe
Opinion The hi-fi highs of the past 12 months
Off The Leash Ken Kessler looks back over 2015
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