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Hi-Fi News & Record Review

Hi-Fi News' unique lab test reports are now available for the September 2014 issue. Download Here

The latest issue

Welcome to the latest issue of Hi-Fi News & Record Review, on sale from the 18th July 2014. The oldest hi-fi magazine in the world is still delivering the best mix of international show reports, in-depth investigative features, world-class reviews, vintage celebrations and surely the most comprehensive range of music features available anywhere. And we're still the only magazine that tests high resolution music downloads...


Classical Companion Christopher Breunig continues his guide to classical music with a look at Walton's Symphony in B minor
Vinyl Release He hadn't released a decent record in a decade, yet Bob Dylan's 1989 Oh Mercy has been called his 'comeback' LP. Steve Sutherland listens to the180g vinyl reissue
Vinyl Icon A jumble of musical styles created by a bunch of misfits... Mike Barnes takes you behind the scenes of the recording of Roxy Music's debut LP
Classic Venues Steve Sutherland continues his tour of the world's iconic rock venues, this month bringing you the story of Eric's club in Liverpool
Music Reviews Our selection of audiophile LP and hi-res downloads reviewed by our specialists alongside the latest rock, jazz and classical albums


T+A P3000HV/A3000HV/PS3000HV German company's 'HV' series gains pre/power amp with optional PSU. And the sound? World class...
TechDAS TDC01 Ti Titanium-bodied sequel to the firm's debut MC cartridge costs £800 more. How does it compare?
Focal Grande Utopia EM 'More Grande than ever' says the French company of its latest statement loudspeaker. We listen...
Group Test:
£500-£3650 network media players
Five contenders offering a wide range of features and at a broad range of prices to boot. But which player will suit your needs best?
Oppo HA-1 Electronics giant unveils keenly-priced headphone amp to drive its debut cans, but it does much more besides
Elac FS 409 Flagship model in 400 series packs company's JET 5 tweeter with twin bass units and a new midrange driver
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Euphonic-sounding valve integrated proves to be a true all-rounder and offers a built-in MM phono stage, too
Audeze LCD-X The promise is greater sensitivity and a more neutral sound, but do these planar magnetic headphones deliver?
Light Harmonic Geek Out EM Pocket-sized USB DAC has a sound that will astonish given the price


Vintage Review How do the classic components of yesteryear measure up today? We test the rare, but highly covetable, direct-drive Sony TTS-8000 turntable
From The Vault This month's pick of articles from HFN's vast archive is from 1978 where we join a heated debate over the sound of transistor amplifiers


News Primare unveils 60 Series separates, standmount electrostatic hybrid from JansZen, Electrocompaniet announces its first ever turntable, new flagship speakers from GamuT
Show Blog Barry Willis reports from the second leg of T.H.E Show in the US, where $300,000+ systems battled for attention with $2k loudspeakers and a complete DSP set-up at just $4k
Investigation Ken Kessler flies to Prague to talk to EAT's Jozefina Lichtenegger where he finds a workforce keeping the skills of valve-making alive and is given hints at forthcoming products
Opinion Insider comment on the audio topics of the day from Paul Miller, Barry Fox, Jim Lesurf, Steve Harris and, writing from the US, Barry Willis
Sound Off Back to vinyl thanks to vintage B&O, drilling down into USB cable test results, advice on downsampling and streaming music, plus more ways to make hi-res copies of LPs
Off The Leash This month Ken Kessler wonders what it will take for the world at large to covet 'real' hi-fi once more. But perhaps it was always this way...


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