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Hi-Fi News & Record Review

The latest issue: April 2016

Welcome to the 140-page April issue of Hi-Fi News & Record Review – the heartiest read in hi-fi by far – on sale 11th March. Our uniquely in-depth reviews kick-off with two stunning world exclusives – the Clearaudio Statement turntable, now in v2 guise, and the technical triumph that is Chord's flagship DAVE DAC. Which will you prefer – the Yin or the Yang? There's more analogue heaven with Rega's new Aphelion MC pick-up plus Class A sounds from Luxman's top integrated amp, the L-590AXII. Meanwhile headphone aficionados will discover two outstanding buys in Teac's UD-503 DAC/headphone amp and Audio-Technica's new ATH-A2000Z closed-backed cans.
Hi-Fi News – the oldest hi-fi magazine in the world is still delivering the best mix of international show reports, in-depth investigative features, world-class reviews, vintage celebrations and surely the most comprehensive range of music features available anywhere. And we're still the only magazine that tests high resolution music downloads




Classical Companion This month Christopher Breunig's guide to classical music spotlights the recordings made by Dutch conductor Eduard van Beinum
Vinyl Release Cosmic, catchy, new wave yet dance-friendly... Steve Sutherland reassesses the 1979 debut LP from the B-52's, now on 180g vinyl
Vinyl Icon Few major bands have encountered so many behind the scenes dramas as did Wings when recording Band On The Run. Johnny Black explains
Classic Rock Venues Steve Sutherland continues his tour of the world's iconic rock venues, this month with the story of Rock City in Nottingham
Music Reviews Our selection of audiophile LP and hi-res downloads reviewed by our specialists alongside the latest rock, jazz and classical albums


Clearaudio Statement v2/TT1 Time to seek fresh superlatives as one of the world's top turntables gains a roster of upgrades
Chord DAVE UK company reckons this is the best DAC/headphone preamp your money can buy. Will we agree?
Opera Audio Grand Callas II Seeking that dream loudspeaker? Big-ticket, Italian-made floorstander could be something of a bargain...
Luxman L-590AXII Headphone socket, tone controls, phono stage, VU meters... Japanese company's retro-styled range-topping integrated amplifier undergoes a refit
Rega Aphelion Derived from the Apheta models, this radical cartridge now heads up the company's moving-coil range. The ultimate Rega ride? We find out...
Teac UD-503 Upsampling and filtering options plus a fine USB interface make this DAC/headphone preamp outstanding value ñ and its sound is spot-on too
Musical Fidelity M5si Keenly-priced classic integrated offers sharp looks, oodles of power and a refined yet gutsy sound. A must-listen
KEF Reference 1 Uni-Q tech, a true bass unit plus a choice of port tubes for tuning – baby Ref speakers prove 'a sonic triumph'
PS Audio NuWave DSD Direct Stream Digital and LPCM – the native way to better sound, but can this USB DAC beat market rivals?
Audio-Technica ATH-A2000Z Looking to drop £500 on a pair of headphones? Then be certain to hear these closed-back cans from A-T...


Vintage Review Can a pint-sized package from 1979 still pack a punch today? We test the three-box Micro System 15 from Toshiba's upmarket sub-brand Aurex
From The Vault This month's dip into HFN's archive is from 1993 where James Boyk looks at how we subjectively evaluate sound when comparing components


Welcome A message from the editor
News Musical Fidelity's all-in one music system, 'cubed' series amps from Bryston, Avid unveils first speaker range plus a 20th anniversary integrated from Audio Analogue
Show Blog Ken Kessler brings you his take on CES 2016 where streamers rubbing shoulders with vinyl and valve amps meant it's a show that still surprises
Investigation The packaging of LPs has played a major part in their marketing over the decades. Mike Barnes traces the key moments in rock album artwork
Opinion Insider comment on the audio topics of the day from Paul Miller, Barry Fox, Jim Lesurf, Steve Harris and, writing from the US, Barry Willis
Sound Off Choosing between coaxial and optical cable, the shortcomings of '70s and '80s LPs, digital and the law of diminishing returns, plus a Sony cassette deck issue solved
Off The Leash Compact wireless speakers are the future, says Ken Kessler, so why not embrace their convenience before declaring them a compromise?
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