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The latest issue: Yearbook 2014

Welcome to the latest and very special 172-page Yearbook issue of Hi-Fi News & Record Review, on sale from the 10th October 2014. The oldest hi-fi magazine in the world is still delivering the best mix of international show reports, in-depth investigative features, world-class reviews, vintage celebrations and surely the most comprehensive range of music features available anywhere. And we're still the only magazine that tests high resolution music downloads...



Vinyl, CD & Downloads Our pick of the
audiophile LPs and hi-res downloads,
rock, jazz and classical albums of the year


Brinkmann Balance 2 German deck with heated bearing
Clearaudio Master Innovation Turntable gains 'Statement' tech
Inspire Hi-Fi Black Magic Si Entry-level deck with Rega arm
Luxman PD-171 Ultra-modern deck with retro looks
McIntosh MT5 Debut turntable all set to dazzle
Pro-Ject Xtension 9 Super Pack High-end package with Ortofon MC
Rega RP8/RB808 The latest plinth, platter and arm
STST Motus II/Vertex Premium direct-drive and tonearm
VPI Scout 1.1 Revamp for pedigree turntable
Rothwell Audio Rialto Minimalist MM/MC phono preamp
Audio Research CD6 Solid-state CD player/USB DAC
Loit Passeri CD player with tube output stage
Simaudio Moon Neo 260D Transport with retro-fittable DAC
Auralic Vega Digital processor that's hi-res ready
Furutech ADL X1 USB DAC and headphone preamp
TAD TAD-DA1000 Dream DAC for the hi-res enthusiast
Bryston BDP-2/BDA-2 Digital music player, matching DAC
Krell Connect Network player with choice of DAC
Lindemann Musicbook 25 Network player with CD and DAC
Primare NP30 Network player, asynchronous USB
Burmester 102/101 Entry-level CD/DAC/Class D amp
Sony HAP-Z1ES/TA-A1ES Media player/stereo amp for hi-res


Ayre AX-5 Amp with Variable Gain Technology
Canor TP134 Integrated valve amp from Slovakia
Exposure 3010S2 A classic smooth-sounding amp
Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800 Nuvistors return in a 300W integrated
Audio Research SP20 Touchscreen tube pre with phono
Mark Levinson No52 Preamp for Reference power amps
Icon Audio MB90 MkIIm-150 Monoblock boasting Sol KT150 valves
Krell Duo 300 Class A amp with energy-saving iBias
VTL S-200 Signature Power amp with 6550 or KT88 tubes
ModWright LS 36.5/KWA 150SE Heavyweight US hybrid pre/power
T+A P3000/A3000/PS3000HV World class pre/power for 'HV' series
PS Audio Power Plant 3 Mains regeneration priced to appeal
Light Harmonic Geek Out EM Pocket-sized USB DAC impresses
Meridian Prime/Prime PSU Headphone amp/PSU with processing
Oppo HA-1 Headphone amp with Sabre DAC
Schiit Audio Magni Sub-£100 headphone amp with cred
Teac HA-501 Best headphone amp at the price?


Audeze LCD-3 Range-topping planar magnetic cans
Oppo PM-1 Planar magnetic 'isodynamic' design
Shure SRH1840 Flagship open-backed headphones


Dynaudio Excite X38 The speaker that's easy on your amp
Elac FS 409 Top of 400 series, with JET 5 tweeter
JBL Project Everest DD67000 New bass drivers for the ultimate JBL
KEF Reference 5 Iconic loudspeaker enjoys latest R&D
Magico S3 Latest S series speaker from California
PMC twenty.26 First three-way for the twenty series
Q Acoustics Concept 20 Budget Brit speakers major on value
Revel Performa F208 Twin 200mm woofers pack a punch
Sonus faber Olympica III Best speaker since the Stradivari?
T+A Solitaire CWT 2000 SE German flagship now turbo-charged
Wharfedale Jade 5 Neutral and natural, due to Acufibre
Wilson Audio Duette 2 Revamp proves that less is more


Audioquest Sydney/Type 4 Cables with balance and refinement
In-akustik Referenz LS-1603 Flagship speaker cable hits the UK
Townshend F1 Fractal-Wire Cryogenic interconnect is a cracker!


B&O Beogram 4000 A slick turntable star from
Sony TTS-8000 Rare direct-drive Japanese deck
Cambridge Audio CD1 First multi-box CD player ever made
Ferrograph F307 mk2 The late '60s pro amp for the home
Naim NAC 12/SNAPS/NAP 250 Classic power amp with original pre
Quad 22/Quad II The go-to vintage amp re-evaluated


Welcome Message from the editor
Best In Show 2014 Our pick of events across the globe
Off The Leash Ken Kessler looks back over 2014


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