88.2kHz/24-bit, FLAC*; Glossa Music GCD 923106 (supplied by www.highresaudio.com)

It’s not just that the six concertos recorded here by this international group (eight young players – Obregón leads from his cello desk and he’s also co-produced the recordings, made in a Spanish church last September) are unfamiliar, but some of the composers’ names too. He explains the aims of their 10th anniversary album in an Internet promo video from which you can see the close proximity of the players and the numerous microphone set-ups. The soloists are really too close for my taste and, for instance, in the slower parts of the the Porpora Sinfonia, trks 1-3, Obregón’s breathing is audible. With its string pizzicati and theorbo, the Largo of Fiorenza’s Cello Concerto is one of the more alluring tracks [14], as is Scarlatti’s jolly, but brief finale to his Recorder Concerto. A less ‘crowded’ overall sound would have helped here. CB

Sound Quality: 70%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

Something has gone badly wrong with some of the material in this Spanish recording. Delivered at the claimed 88.2kHz, tracks 1-4, 9-11, 13, 21-22 are 50% music/50% aliasing distortion. Note also the sample notch at 44.1kHz. PM