96kHz/24-BIT FLAC, Neuklang NCD4079 (supplied by www.highresaudio.com)

Described by several commentators as the most inventive jazz trio to have emerged from Europe in many years, the German/Dutch Torque Trio describes the jazz scenes of Amsterdam and Cologne as its ‘home turf’. Osmosis is a striking follow-up to the trio’s 2011’s debut Forward. Both are on Neuklang, a label owned by Bauer Studios, one of Germany’s largest studio complexes. This is a fine recording, with a good sense of space around the players who clearly enjoy keeping listeners on their toes with constantly shifting melodies and rhythms. In ‘Desillusie’, before breaking into a frantic jazz workout, the first part could almost be described as lounge jazz – albeit with a lyrical melody redolent of many a prog-rock anthem. And ‘Presikhaaf’, with a haunting solo bass intro, takes several twists and turns while affectionately re-stating melodic themes during its journey. JB

Sound Quality: 80%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

This dynamic recording (percussive peaks are adroitly shy of compression at –1/–2dBFs) occupies the full ~40kHz bandwidth available to its 96kHz sample rate. This is the real deal and testament to the range of a modern jazz trio. PM