96kHz/24-bit FLAC, Universal/Brushfire B0023887-02 (supplied by www.highresaudio.com)

The eighth album from this Philadelphia-based trio features the familiar line-up of Garrett Dutton (aka G Love) on guitar, harmonica and vocals, bassist Jim Prescott and Jeffrey Clemens on drums, and is a familiar mix of rock and blues styles. It opens with the slam into the title track, but soon settles down into a familiar groove, the three musicians as easy when laying down a good-time chug against which Dutton can solo as they are with the blues-boogie of ‘Back To Boston’ or the horn-laden ‘Let’s Have A Good Time’. But there’s little new ground being broken here, either stylistically or in terms of recording quality. This album may be delivered in 96/24, but there’s little to trouble a system’s hi-res capabilities, and the band’s usual laid-back, ‘rough round the edges’ sound isn’t the most obvious candidate for the audiophile polish treatment. AE

Sound Quality: 75%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the ‘Solar Powered Plastic Plant’, CA, this 96kHz download has plenty of ultrasonic content but this could be distortion from downstream limiters/compressors. Some signs of clipped samples too. PM