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The latest issue: Yearbook 2018

Welcome to our annual 180-page Yearbook issue of Hi-Fi News & Record Review – the heartiest read in hi-fi by far – on sale 26th October. Our cover concept reflects the diversity of music media now available to enthusiasts of every stripe – whether you prefer your tunes streamed, delivered via a wired NAS solution, via SACD/CD or from luxury 180g vinyl, we have the very best hardware solutions to match. The best new and remastered albums of every genre are also featured in the Yearbook, alongside a choice selection of vintage gear from yesteryear.
Hi-Fi News – the oldest hi-fi magazine in the world is still delivering the best mix of international show reports, in-depth investigative features, world-class reviews, vintage celebrations and surely the most comprehensive range of music features available anywhere. And we're still the only magazine that tests high resolution music downloads.

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Vinyl, CD & Downloads This year's music albums selected by our specialist reviewers


DS Audio Master 1 The ultimate 'optical' pick-up
Lyra Etna SL Penultimate MC with titanium
Brinkmann Spyder Modular turntable with 'arm pods'
ELAC Miracord 70 Value deck packs arm and pick-up
Pro-Ject 175 VPO Luxury version of 'The Classic' deck
Rega Planar 2 Refresh for evergreen Brit turntable
Soulines Kubrick DCX/
Timestep T-609
Serbian deck meets UK-spec'd arm
Technics SL-1000R The apex of vinyl playback?
Bel Canto e.One Phono Keenly-priced MM/MC phono amp
Parasound Halo JC3 Jr Must-listen flexible phono stage
ATC CDA2 Mk2 Refresh for CD player/DAC/preamp
dCS Vivaldi One Elite one-box digital media player
Esoteric Grandioso P1/D1 Flagship four-box digital front-end
Kalista DreamPlay ONE CD player with Philips Pro transport
Naim Audio NDX 2 Updated network-attached DAC
Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra Streaming solution is high on value
PS Audio DS Memory Player/
PW DirectStream DAC
The do-it-all transport and DAC
Roon Nucleus+ Media storage device ñ and more
T+A MP 2500 R Big-ticket digital media player


Benchmark HPA4 The headphone 'power amp'
Chord Hugo 2 'Next-gen' headphone amp/DAC
iFi Audio xDSD DAC/headphone amp plus DSD
Luxman P-750u Headphone amp that's fully loaded
Metaxas Marquis Preamp boasts a head start
NAD M32 Modular 'digital' integrated amplifier
Hegel Reference H590 The ultimate one-box amp solution?
Luxman L-509X Classic, all-analogue integrated amp
McIntosh MA9000 Most powerful integrated/DAC yet
Micromega M-150 Amp/DAC with room correction
Perraux Eloquence 255i The world's beefiest integrated amp?
Pioneer A-40AE Budget amp hopes for classic status
Primare I15 Sweet-sounding amp, sanely priced
Audio Research REF160M Monoblock signals a new direction
Nagra HD AMP HD series gains MOSFET power amp
AVM Ovation PA 8.2/SA 8.2 Flagship solid-state pre/power duo
Constellation Audio Pictor/
Taurus Stereo
Pre/power from the Revelation range
D'Agostino Progression Preamp/
Momentum series inspires pre/power
Emotiva XSP-1/XPA-DR2 Meaty pre/power at a bargain price
Exposure 5010 pre/monos Power pairing with modular options
Mark Levinson No523/No534 Trickle-down, all-analogue pre/power
YBA Passion PRE550/AMP650 French pre/power with spot-on sonics
Quad Artera Solus 'Just-add-speakers' one-box solution


AKG N5005 Earphone boasts five drivers per side
Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 Open-back 'phones ring the changes
B&W PX UK firm's first noise-cancelling cans
Focal Clear Luxurious, yet affordable, headphones
Quad ERA-1 Debut headphones with planar drivers
Sonoma Acoustics M1 Cans with a twist on established tech


B&W 702 S2 Floorstander with 'Carbon' tweeter
ELAC Adante AS-61 Andrew Jones' 'clean sheet' speaker
Focal Kanta No2 Blinder of a speaker for bijou spaces
Franco Serblin Accordo Petite speaker from master designer
Kii Audio THREE Active standmount with built-in DSP
Magnepan Magneplanar 20.7 Mighty panels from Minnesota
Neat Acoustics Iota Xplorer Compact ribbon tweeter speaker
Raidho D-2.1 Seriously special speaker ñ at a price
Sonus faber Serafino Tradition Series gains 'entry-level' floorstander
Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 The bargain loudspeaker re-born
Vivid Audio Kaya 90 'DÈcor-friendly' flagship speaker
Wilson Audio TuneTot US brand returns to small monitors


Furutech NanoFlux Cable 'dosed' with silver and gold
QED Supremus The cold-welded wire for long runs
Transparent Ultra Upgradable cable with RF filter


Technics EPC-205CMK3 Late '70s pick-up still packs a punch
Sony PS-P7X Trailblazing slimline deck from 1979
Creek CAS4040 Early '80s 'giant-killing' budget amp
Hitachi HA-7700 Integrated '70s amp with MOSFETs
Sugden A21 Series 2 Landmark transistor amp from 1969
Yamaha NS-1000M '70s speaker with beryllium drivers


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