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THE HI-FI SHOW LIVE 2017: Special Events (scroll down for Timetable)

Hi-Fi News Workshops

Live demos and listening tests presented by top hi-fi personalities

Throughout the Hi-Fi Show Live weekend, key contributors and hi-fi magazine editors from the UK and Germany will present a series of Hi-Fi News Workshops, hosted by exhibiting manufacturers and distributors.

Can you hear the difference between MP3 and hi-res files? Wondered how loudspeaker positioning affects imaging? Want to hear the benefit of mains conditioning, cable upgrades or how direct-cut recordings are made? All these topics and more besides will be explored in our unique Workshops and demonstrations listed below...


Matthias Böde of Germany's Stereo Magazine's fascinating and fun daily workshops 

We’re delighted to welcome back Stereo Magazine Editor-in-Chief Matthias Böde, who will be leading daily talks and workshops with a range of exhibitors, sharing his expertise across a range of hi-fi's hot topics.


Mike Valentine of Chasing the Dragon Recordings discusses direct-cut recordings

Want to discover just what goes into capturing a first-class recording? Then head along to Windsor 3 where Mike Valentine of Chasing the Dragon Recordings will be giving two daily presentations on direct-cut recordings.

This year, Mike will take the audience behind the scenes of creating Espana, which celebrates music by Bizet, Chabrier and Rimsky-Korsakov, performed by The National Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Debbie Wiseman. Mike will also be discussing the new range of Chasing The Dragon’s binaural recordings and demonstrating the range of Copy Master Tapes, which will be released at the show. Tickets will be available in the room. 



Tim Jarman, Hi-Fi News contributor, takes you on a vintage hi-fi odyssey

Join vintage audio expert and key Hi-Fi News contributor Tim Jarman who'll be turning back the clock to reveal some legendary hi-fi equipment.




11am: Workshop – Optimise your loudspeaker positioning with Matthias Bode and B&W (Windsor 1)

11:30am: Vintage – Equipment demonstrations and advice for collectors with Tim Jarman (Kensington Suite, behind the Sandringham Building)

12pm: Live music (Sunday only) – Join us and be thrilled by whirlwind guitarist Joncan Kavlakoglu (Kensington Suite, behind the Sandringham Building)

12pm: Workshop – Compare several MC cartridges with Matthias Bode and Luxman (Buckingham 5)

1pm: Live music – Join the celebrated cellist Vincent Bélanger for a musical surprise (Kensington Suite, behind the Sandringham Building)

1pm (12pm Sunday): Chasing The Dragon – Mike Valentine reveals the secrets of recording and mastering for LP (Windsor 3)

1:30pm: Vintage – Equipment demonstrations and advice for collectors with Tim Jarman (Kensington Suite, behind the Sandringham Building)

2pm: Workshop – Can you hear high-res? MP3 to 24-bit with Matthias Bode and T+A (Lancaster 6)

2pm: Live music – Whirlwind guitarist Joncan Kavlakoglu returns for a PM encore (Kensington Suite, behind the Sandringham Building)

3pm: Chasing The Dragon – Mike Valentine delivers his second illustrated lecture on the secrets of recording and mastering for LP (Windsor 3)

3pm: Workshop – AC mains filtering with Matthias Bode and IsoTek (Windsor 2)

4pm: Vintage – Equipment demonstrations and advice for collectors with Tim Jarman (Kensington Suite, behind the Sandringham Building)

4pm: Workshop – Cable comparisons with Matthias Bode and AudioQuest (Sandringham 6)

5pm: Live music – A final cello recital with Vincent Bélanger (Kensington Suite, behind the Sandringham Building)