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THE HI-FI SHOW 2017: Sandringham Suites





Sandringham Suite 1 - Music First Audio

Make a bee-line to Sandringham 1 for the worldwide launch of Music First Audio's inaugural 100W monoblocks. The Senlac SJE amplifiers are Class AB MOSFET designs and you can experience their musical power through a system that includes Nagra D and Revox B77 tape machines, a Music First Audio Baby Reference V2 preamp and Tannoy Kensington GR loudspeakers. A vinyl-based front-end will also include the Music First Audio MM Classic Phono Amp 632.



Sandringham Suite 2 - Decent Audio

In its second Hi-Fi Show Live demo room (see also Buckingham Suite 1), Decent Audio will showcase a high-end system that’s big on performance yet perfect for the small to medium-sized room.

Visitors to last year’s show may remember the stunning Kronos Sparta .5 turntable, which makes a welcome return in 2017, having garnered almost as many rave reviews as the brand’s flagship Kronos Pro (which you can also hear in Buckingham 1).

The Sparta will 
be paired with the Axia S phono cartridge from Japanese brand Transfiguration whose revolutionary designs completely restructure the conventional moving-coil concept. Carefully crafted to add none of their own character, they extract the most minute and natural musical detail from a record’s groove.

Italian Audio Analogue’s new AAcento integrated amplifier with built-in phono stage will make its UK debut. Part of the brand’s new Pure AA range, it is engineered to deliver excellent value for money by marrying simple design with reference-quality sonic performance.

Loudspeakers will be the Magneplanar 0.7, a classic model from Minnesota-based Magnepan and a worthy winner of multiple awards worldwide.



Sandringham Suite 3 - Theme One Records

The very best of new and used vinyl is here courtesy of Theme One Records including the company’s speciality – Music On Vinyl titles alongside Gearbox and Plane Groovy.


Music On Vinyl is a vinyl-only music label that releases high quality 180g LP and 7in vinyl pressings of titles licensed from a wide range of record companies and artists who control their own musical repertoire.


These are both reissues of classic titles, or a simultaneous vinyl release to complement a CD/DVD offering, all of which are marketed under the Music On Vinyl brand.


Also on special offer at this year’s event are the Grammy Award-winning Chesky compact discs.




Sandringham Suite 4 - Planalogue

Peter Laitt, founder of Planalogue, will be demonstrating the company's first turntable, dubbed the Prelude which was debuted at last year's Hi-Fi Show Live. The product of many years in design, the Prelude employs a sensitively-matched range of materials in its construction. The plinth adopts a constrained layer structure to reduce internal resonances, while the belt-driven platter is machined from acrylic and is supported on a stainless/brass/Delrin bearing assembly. A separate motor controller ensures smooth, stable speed to the offboard AC motor and includes electronic switching for 33.3 and 45 rpm.

Partnering Planalogue is the legendary driver manufacturer Markaudio-SOTA who, in another World Exclusive at the Hi-Fi Show Live, will be premiering its new Viotti Tower. From floorstanders to small bookshelf models, the Markaudio-SOTA range delivers liquid sound matched with gorgeous, modern styling.

Black Rhodium Cables will also be showing its latest products, including a new range of tonearm cables called Silver Groove. Listen with us and experience the difference between various tone arm cable specifications, and enjoy a fast, agile sound combined with detail and body from the whole cable range. 



Sandringham 5 - Emerging UK

Already well established in the music recording industry, Emerging UK will be demonstrating the Swiss-built MERGING+PLAYER network-attached DAC with its new outboard MERGING+POWER unit. This PSU upgrade promises a significant boost to performance that visitors may experience for themselves via PSI Audio active loudspeakers. These all-analogue speaker designs boast the ultimate in linearity, phase accuracy and natural dynamic transients. Several models, including the PSI A25/225, the A215 and A17 will be on demonstration throughout the weekend.

Emerging UK will also be debuting a new loudspeaker from an equally new brand at the Show – the Ensis from Holland's AEquo Audio. Make sure you visit Sandringham 5 to experience PSI Audio’s patented AVAA active bass traps – tightening up bass and improving the musical soundstage while removing the ‘boom from your room’. We look forward to welcoming you to our suite to hear what is possible.



Sandringham 6 - AudioQuest

Making a return to Sandringham 6 this year, AudioQuest will be demonstrating its new range of Niagara Power Conditioners. Like all AudioQuest products the Niagara Series has been designed to do no harm to the music, instead releasing the potential of your equipment by effectively removing distortion and interference from your mains supply. Visitors will be able to listen to the system without any conditioning (straight from the wall) and then step up through the line from the Niagara 1000 to the range-topping Niagara 7000 as reviewed in HFN Sept '17.

The system will feature a Linn LP12Linn Akurate Exakt Streamer/Pre-AmpExakt Active CrossoverLinn 4200 Power Amplifier and Kudos Titan 707 loudspeakers. Naturally, all cables are by AudioQuest, and equipment supports by Hi-Fi Racks.

The AudioQuest team will also be happy to demonstrate and compare different source material, so you’ll be able to compare MP3 to high-res streaming, FLAC files and Red Book CD to Vinyl... the choice will be yours!



Sandringham Hall - Headphone Haven

Once again at the Hi-Fi Show Live, Harman Consumer UK will be displaying selected headphone models from its award-winning brands of AKG and JBL.
This will include AKG’s 2016/17 EISA award-winning N90Q reference-class auto-calibrating headphones, inspired by the Grammy Award-winning producer Quincy Jones and utilising AKG’s TruNote auto-calibration and active noise cancelling technology. Alongside, you'll get to hear the all-new 2017/18 EISA award-winning Everest Elite 750NC wireless over-ear noise cancelling headphones.

Criterion Audio will also be giving visitors the opportunity to experience the outstanding Weiss DAC502 streamer/DAC/headphone amplifier running the incredible Abyss AB-1266 planar magnetic headphones. This supremely flexible DAC combines ultra-high-end performance with the convenience of an in-built streamer and a selection of bespoke performance-enhancing facilities, all of which are revealed by what are arguably the finest headphones available today.

Ears for more? Then you will have the chance to compare many other superb combinations, including the stunning Audeze LCD3 and Sennheiser’s benchmark HD800 headphones running off the powerhouse Grace m920 and Moon 430 HA-D amplifiers

Sennheiser UK will also be present at the Show, proudly displaying its finest high-end portfolio available through the Club Orpheus dealer network. This range includes its new HDV 820 headphone amp – the perfect complement for its audiophile headphone range for the ultimate acoustic performance.

Also on demo are the new IE 80 S professional standard ear-canal headphones. And why not audition the very latest in Bluetooth technology – the award-winning PXC 550 wireless ’phones with NoiseGard hybrid adaptive noise cancellation?


Aurender A10, Burmester 151, Melco N1, Moon 180, Weiss DAC502


Audio-Technica HA5050H, Bel Canto DAC2.7, Grace m920 and m903, Graham Slee Solo, Moon 430HA-D, Sennheiser HDVD820


Abyss AB-1266, Audeze LCDXC, Audeze LCD2, Audeze LCD3, Grado PS1000, Grado RS1e, Grado 325e, Sennheiser 630VB, Sennheiser HD700, Sennheiser HD800, Sennheiser HD800S, Sennheiser PXC 550



Kensington Suite - Signature Audio Systems

For the 5th year running PS Audio is excited to unveil a series of UK premieres at The HiFi Show Live, including a demonstration of PS Audio’s reference system in Sandringham 7. This system is fronted by PS Audio's DirectStream Memory Player – the new and highly acclaimed transport that plays SACD, DVD-A, and CD through a DirectStream DAC and featuring PS Audio’s latest barnstorming free upgrade called 'HURON'.

The system will be powered by the Bascom H King (BHK)-designed vacuum tube Signature preamplifier driving 300W BHK Signature monoblock power amplifiers and the entire system will be run off the world’s best and most cost effective mains regenerator – the P10 – to ensure super-clean AC mains is supplied to each product. So, for a truly stunning listening performance from PS Audio please join us and do bring your SACD/CDs for a demonstration with music that you are familiar with.