192kHz/24-bit FLAC, CKD 424 (supplied by www.linnrecords.com)

Why would you wish to forgo orchestral strings and the pairs of oboes and horns of the orginal scores for these three concertos from 1783/4? Mozart himself sanctioned just strings ‘a quattro’ as in this new recording, produced at Potton Hall, Suffolk, in May 2012. The Viennese pianist plays a Steinway D in this, his third programme for Linn Records, and provides the booklet notes; his supporting string players are all equally young. As you would expect from a Philip Hobbs production in this lively hall, the piano and string quartet are well balanced – the soloist central and quite forward. The tonal accuracy is impressive. What these players bring to the music is an exuberance and sense of fun – not precluding tenderness in the Andante from K415 – cadenzas issuing organically from context. A hugely enjoyable alternative. CB

Sound Quality: 85%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

No information was provided about the nature of this recording but the spectrum looks like a true 192kHz rendering with low-level harmonics occasionally reaching out to ~40kHz. The filtered ultrasonic noise is quite typical. PM