94kHz/24-bit WAV, Linn Records AKD531 (supplied by www.linnrecords.com)

This session came about by public demand – in between touring with her bands, Emily Barker was also playing solo acoustic shows of songs old and new, and kept being asked whether these versions of her catalogue were available to buy. As a result, she went into London’s Toerag Studios, known for its use of vintage equipment, along with producer Liam Watson, and recorded this live-to-tape, no edits set, accompanied only by her guitar and harmonica. What emerged is a chronology of Barker’s career, right through to a new song, ‘Anywhere Away’, and all captured with an intimacy and directness unusual in an age of glossy production. There’s a palpable ‘in the room’ presence here, plus a simplicity that’s hard not to like, with familiar songs stripped bare. OK, so she’s far from the first artist to do the ‘hits done acoustic’ thing, but this is a charmingly attractive set. AE

Sound Quality: 87%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

The analogue (tape) master of The Toerag Sessions is revealed in the 30kHz bandwidth of this 96kHz digital coding. The ultrasonic content will be a mix of harmonics of voice, guitar and harmonica and distortion gathered en route. PM