96kHz, 192kHz/24-bit, FLAC/ALAC; CKD 562 (supplied by www.linnrecords.com)

Tutored by Paul Tortelier and Mstislav Rostropovich, Corinne Morris is heard here restored to health after severe injury and (thanks to a sponsor) reunited with her 1876 Miremont cello – the PDF booklet tells the whole story. She plays the more recently found Haydn Concerto in C, adding her own cadenzas, and Monn’s G-minor – but not in the usual Schoenberg reworking. Musically more satisfying than the Monn, the Couperin Suite, Pièces en Concert, is a five-movement transcription written for Tortelier but where Morris says she’s tried to keep the music as Baroque-sounding as possible with modern instrument accompaniments, working closely with SCO leader Stephanie Gonley. The solo cello sounds highly realistic but it’s very close-mic’d in this otherwise enjoyable Usher Hall, Edinburgh, production. CB

Sound Quality: 80%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

Recorded at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall, this is as straightforward a downsample of a 192kHz master (to 96kHz/24-bit here) as you might wish for. Free of sampling artefacts and with peaks rarely exceeding –6dB, it’s the real deal. PM